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Hand Lettering Cards

This weekend we started writing out our holiday cards! There's nothing better than a personalized card, and when we're seeing friends in person rather than mailing a card, we have a special opportunity to add a little personality to the envelopes. One of our favorite ways to make a card stand out is by adding some hand lettering to the envelopes. We thought this could be a great opportunity to share some basic tips for making your recipient's name shine.

Step 1: The Basics

Let's familiarize ourselves with the basic strokes. These are the building blocks of any calligraphy style. You'll need upstrokes (thin and light) and downstrokes (thicker and darker). Practice drawing these strokes individually, focusing on consistency and pressure control. I like to use markers or sharpies for lettering for a more dramatic contrast in strokes.

Step 2: Break Down the Letters

Start by practicing single letters, focusing on consistency and spacing. Once you're comfortable with the alphabet, move on to practice words.

Step 3: Find a Font to Reference

It's always helpful to have a visual reference so explore some classic fonts on your computer until you find one that matches the vibe you're going for.

Step 4: Break Down the Letters

Look for familar shapes. You can relate each letter to shapes you've drawn forever, straight lines, rectangles, circles are all at the core of your letters. Based on this foundation look for nuance in where your shapes connect. Notice how repetition of shapes in letters you're drawing starts to build muscle memory

Step 5 : Add some personality Once you've written out the entire phrase, take a step back and assess the spacing. Adjust the letters as needed to create a balanced and harmonious composition. Now you can add some flourishes! These decorative elements personalize your lettering and add a touch of flair. Experiment with swirls, loops, and dots to see what captures your eye.

And that's it! You've just hand lettered your first card. Enjoy this new skill and have fun practicing. Remeber, mistakes just add character. Happy drawing!


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